Courses TA’d by Genetics Students

Current Students
Name Last, First Classes TA’ed
Beck, Emily Fundamental Genetics, Vetebrate Zoology
Braun, Patricia None
Bu, Fengxiao None
Castro, Ana None
Chen, Changya None
Chen, Hung-Lin Human Molecular Genetics
Allison, Cox Genetic Analysis of Biological Systems (GABS)
Cring, Matthew None
Cruz Corchado, Johnny None
Ehaideb, Salleh None
Fletcher, Joshua General Microbiology Lab
Fuller, Tyson None
Gaynor, Sophia None
Goar, Wesley None
Haase, Stephanie None
Harney, Lisa None
Hazelwood, Ralph GABS, Human Molecular Genetics
He, Bing None
Herrig, Danielle None
Lansdon, Patrick None
Marchal, Melissa Foundations of Biology, Cell Biology Laboratory, Fundamental Genetics
Marsden, Autumn None
Molumby, Michael Cell Biology Laboratory
Monson, Eric None
Petruccelli, Emily Biology of the Brain, Fundamental Genetics, Special Topics in Genetics
Pettie, Nikale None
Ponce, Jessica None
Reeb, Tanner None
Santana, Juan Human Biology, Human Genetics
Schaefer, Kellie None
Seberg, Hannah None
Spring, Ashlyn Critical Thinking in Cell Biology
Strub, Matthew None
Toombs, Emily None
Trammell, Samuel Biochemistry
Wagner, Alex Bioinformatics Technique, Computation Genomics
Weihbrecht, Katie None
Whitmore, Steven None
Williams, Byron None
Xiao, Xue None

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