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2012 Genetics Graduate Program Welcome Back Picnic today!

When:        Thursday, Sept 20th 6:00 PM

Where:       Willow Creek Park Shelter,  1117 Teg Dr., Iowa City

Preparing for the Comprehensive Examination: Q & A session for Pre-Comps students to be held on 28th June 2012 in 3189ML at noon

This is a special Genetics student seminar session that will be used to help the pre-comps students (1st and 2nd year Genetics Students) prepare for their comprehensive exams. This will be hosted by the post-comps students who will answer your questions on how to prepare for the exam. This is HIGHLY recommended for all pre-comps students!!

Emily Petruccelli as student representative for the website committee

Emily Petruccelli has volunteered to be the student representative for the website committee (Dr. Tina Tootle and Dr. Sarit Smolikove). Please send any suggestions about the Genetics Dept website to Emily.

Scientists Drawing DNA

I came across a tweet from IDT with a link to DNA drawings made by some pretty formidable scientists while at a meeting at Cold Spring Harbor in 1993.  This list includes Iowa City native and Nobel laureate Tom Cech as well as recognizable names like Brenner, Capecchi, Collins, Greider, Lander (drawing shown here), Paabo, Watson and others.  Here’s the link.

Jan 21: Taste of Nations Food Festival and Call to Service

Jan 21: Taste of Nations Food Festival and Call to Service

Come to the MERF atrium from 12:00-1:00 pm and join your health science colleagues in sampling the diverse fare from around the world available in downtown Iowa City. We will also be holding a volunteer drive at this time: gather your friends and your culinary skills and volunteer to cook a meal for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. We are currently hoping to fill two dates with a limit of ten volunteers per date (Feb 2 and Feb 10) with the possibility of adding more as volunteers and funds allow.

Special Symposium

A special Symposium will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 from 9am-5pm in Kollros Auditorium (101 Biology Building East).  Below is the list adn times for each of the speakers, as well as a link to each of their web pages.  Hope to see you there!

Program Schedule

9:00-9:10 Dr. Susan Gottesman (NIH): “Beyond the Central Dogma:  Regulation by Small RNAs and Protein Turnover”

9:55-10:40 Dr. Peter Moore (Yale):  “The Structural Basis of the Species-Specificity of Anti-Ribosomal Antibiotics”

10:40-11:05 Break

11:05-11:50 Dr. Sankar Adhya (NIH):  “The Puzzle of Lamda Prophage Stability”

11:50-12:35 Dr. David Soll (U of Iowa):  “A Unique View of the Evolution of a New Signal Transduction Pathway in Candida  Albicans

12:35-2:05 Lunch break (on own)

2:05-2:50 Dr. Louis Reichardt (U of California, San Francisco):  “Straying off the Lambda Trail:  New Findings in the Wilderness of Brain Development”

2:50-3:35  Dr. Jeff Murray (U of Iowa):  “Genome Wide Association Studies, Disclose New Biology”

3:35-4:00 Break

4:00-4:45 Dr. Mario Capecchi (U of Utah):  “Modeling Human Cancers in the Mouse”

Historical Science Tweets via Twitter

Hilarious post over @ PHD comicsWho knew Watson’s ire for Pauling:)

In the trenches of NCBI PubMed: NCBI ROFL…Real Articles. Funny Subjects

I found this website which will hopefully be good resource for finding those difficult to locate papers that are essential references for our manuscripts.  This site finds the obscure research articles such as: ‘Zipper release’, naval fluff and boogers (yay for peer review).  Here is a background piece on the website.


New GSS respresentative

Thank you Tara Maga for serving as our GSS representative for the past year.

Alissa Hulstrand has agreed to serve as Genetics representative to the Graduate Student Senate.

Congrats to Pamela Pretorius!

Pamela_PretoriusThe votes are in and Pamela will be taking over as the Student Representative position to the Executive Committee in the near future.  Thanks to all of you who voted.

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