Welcome Picnic 2015!


Thank you to all of the students, faculty, and family members who made it out in the rain to join us for the 2015 Genetics Welcome Picnic!

Program Director Dan Eberl kicked off the festivities with his annual address,


followed by the second annual Newly-Grad game!


Our contenders this year were the First year mentees and their mentors: Karen and Kellie, James and Patrick, Tanner and Nikale (standing in for Wes), Zach and Hannah, Adam and Tyson, Alyssa and Sophie, and finally, Kimberly and Lisa.  The competition was intense with our MC Tanner asking the tough questions like Where is your mentee’s hometown? and What is your mentee’s favorite food?  In the end, Karen and Kellie were able to blow the competition away with their in sync answers.


After the delicious catering by A Guy and a Grill, we completed the raffle with the grand prize, the board game Pandemic, going to James Mrkvicka!

DSC_0034The Genetics Social Activity Committee welcomes the first years to our program and wishes everyone good luck in the upcoming school year!







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