Yan to present at Student Seminar Thursday (6.August) at noon

Yan will be presenting Student Seminar this week in CBRB 2289 at noon. I have asked him to provide a brief overview for his talk. Hope to see you there!

Background for Yan’s talk

Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) is a phenotypically variable autosomal recessive disorder involving genes that map to twelve known loci. The disoder is characterized by a combination of clinical findings that include obesity, photoreceptor degeneration, polydactyl and hypogenitalism. Our lab has created several BBS knock-out (KO) mice lines such as Bbs7 -/-. All the KO mice are obese after five-month age. Furthermore, they show resistance to leptin compared to normal micec. We hypothesize that BBS heterozygous mice show obesity because of a dosage effect. To test this hypothesis, we examined body weight, fat percent and leptin level of Bbs7 heterozygous mice, and whether they are resistant to leptin. The leptin level of Bbs7 heterozygous male mice are higher than those of WT when they are 30-week old. 24-week old BBS7 +/- male mice are sensitive to leptin. These data suggest that leptin resistance in Bbs7 +/- male mice is age-dependent.


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