Leah and John to present at Student Seminar Thursday (23.July) at noon

Leah and John will be presenting Student Seminar this week in CBRB 2289 at noon.  I have asked the speakers to provide a brief overview for their talks. Hope to see you there!

Background for Leah’s talk

The role of Irf6 in tissue regeneration

Tissue regeneration is critical to life in order to restore the protective barrier to the environment and to maintain homeostasis.  The skin is composed of two tissues: the dermis and the epidermis.  The epidermal cells, keratinocytes, migrate and proliferate in order to cover injured tissue.  IRF6 is expressed in the epidermis, which is where this work is focused.  Mutations in Leah Key WestIRF6 OMIM) cause two autosomal dominant orofacial clefting syndromes: van der Woude (VWS) and popliteal pterygium (PPS).  In addition to these two syndromes, variants in IRF6 contribute 18% risk to non-syndromic forms of cleft.  Mice homozygous mutant for Irf6 exhibit skin anomalies in addition to cleft palate, which include oral adhesions and a hyperproliferative epidermis. The epidermis is also lacking the outer two layers, thus these mice lack barrier function and are perinatal lethal.  Proliferation is abnormal in mice lacking Irf6, and this is a crucial cellular process during tissue regeneration.  Thus, we hypothesize that IRF6 plays a role in tissue regeneration.

Background for John’s talk

I would introduce and report the current progress of my current project, “Quantitative trait locii Association Study of Blood Pressure Variability,” a collaborative study between our lab and Dr Miao Chaoyu of Shanghai. This project involves genomewide microsatellite genotyping of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR), a rat model of hypertension, and the line that SHR is derived from, the Wistar-Kyoto (WKY), and subsequent computational analysis. This project is still underway.


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