Shyam to Present @ Student Seminar on Thursday, 4.30.09

We will have Student Seminar this Thursday @ noon in 2289 CBRB.  Shyam Ramachandran will present his current research on Thursday in 2289 CBRB and has provided the following background for his talk.

In cystic fibrosis (CF; OMIM), the lungs are particularly susceptible to infection, with concomitant inflammation and alteration in airway morphology. It is shyam-ramachandran2widely believed that the pulmonary disease pathology of CF is a result of the complex interplay between innate immunity, infection and inflammation at the epithelial surface. The focus of my talk will be to provide an update of the different projects involved in answering some fundamental questions plaguing the CF community. I will touch upon latest data from mRNA-expression profiling and microRNA deep sequencing from the human and pig model of CF, and try to highlight what we have learnt and the directions we wish to take further on.


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